Global Engineering Capability Review

The Engineering Index 2019:

Spotlight on top performing countries

The landscape of engineering is evolving and its benefits are more diverse than ever. Policymakers need to understand their current engineering strengths and draw on other countries’ experiences to identify which elements of the vocation can contribute to the practice of safe and innovative engineering.

What is the Engineering Index 2019? [13]

The Engineering Index 2019 (hereafter referred to as the Index) measures the extent to which countries are able to conduct engineering activities in a safe and innovative way. The Index is a tool for understanding the factors that determine overall engineering capability across countries.

To provide this comparative measure, the Index assesses 99 countries in six categories. Across the six categories, the Index’s 23 indicators are designed to capture metrics against which countries can measure their performance and paint a picture of their overall engineering capability.

The six categories

1. Knowledge: A measure of contribution to and advancement of knowledge in engineering and technology.

2. Labour force: The availability and diversity of engineers in the economy.

3. Engineering industry: The strength and sophistication of the engineering industry.

4. Infrastructure: The ability of infrastructure to support and demonstrate engineering activities.

5. Digital infrastructure: The ability of digital infrastructure to support and demonstrate engineering activities.

6. Safety standards: Safety in engineering- intensive sectors.

Using the Index's 23 indicators across six categories, countries can measure their performance and paint a picture of their overall engineering capability

To find more, see the Index Methodology:

The table in Appendix 1 summarises the results from the Index, across all countries and categories. Each country has a different history and context, so to offer useful insights we have identified one country per category or indicator that outperforms others and offers lessons for policymakers elsewhere:


Countries are the same as those measured in the previous Centre for Economics and Business Research (CEBR) report, Engineering and Economic Growth: A Global View, published in September 2016. Indicators were developed by The EIU in collaboration with the Royal Academy of Engineering and the Lloyd’s Register Foundation. For more information, please refer to the methodology document.