Towards trusted data sharing: guidance and case studies

Data sharing checklist

5. Ensure that the right people are involved with appropriate skills and expertise

  • What skills do the different organisations bring to the partnership?

  • What range of skills is required across business, technology, data management and analytics functions? Who will provide leadership across the partnership and within individual organisations?

  • What elements of the project will be delivered in-house by the various partners and what will be outsourced? Will people be recruited as employees or contracted?

  • How will individual organisations manage any change?

  • What long-term support will be needed, and how will it be resourced?

Learning from the case studies:

In many cases, the partnership represents the range of skills required, from technical to business skills and domain expertise. Case studies on CityVerve Manchester, MK:Smart and oneTRANSPORT illustrate where a multi-partner project has involved a lead technology partner with one or more local authorities, in addition to other partners.

The Industrial Data Space project, involving 12 Fraunhofer institutes, has channelled broad and deep technical expertise and domain expertise into the project.