Towards trusted data sharing: guidance and case studies

Case studies

Drawing on interviews with stakeholders and on desk research, the case studies in this project illustrate a range of different approaches to data sharing, and examine the ways in which the various challenges have been overcome. The case studies:

  • provide a snapshot of data-sharing activities across different regions of the UK, and include an international example from Germany
  • include examples from manufacturing and logistics, energy, infrastructure, aerospace, smart cities, transport, health, and consumer applications
  • primarily illustrate the sharing of non-personal data, where commercial or regulatory sensitivities require controlled data sharing, but also include examples where personal data is shared
  • illustrate examples of data-sharing solutions at different levels of maturity; some are well established, while others are being developed as part of collaborative R&D projects, with the potential for industrial partners to develop products commercially following project completion
  • illustrate solutions that are, to a varying degree, using new technologies

The case studies show that there are opportunities to create whole ecosystems of data sharing, where multiple organisations with many different roles come together to provide data services and facilitate the exchange of data. Alternatively, they show examples where one individual organisation accesses data held by another organisation or person. The data sharing may be carried out in a very specific context, or alternatively a solution may have been created that facilitates data sharing for many different applications.

The case studies are illustrative of the approaches to data sharing in different sectors, but do not cover the full range of possible data-sharing models. However, similar considerations will be relevant to other data-sharing models, including sustainability of funding or business models, governance, legal and regulatory aspects, partnerships, and skills.

The case studies:

Case study 1

Allowing individuals to control how they share data with other parties

Case study 2

A platform of platforms for smart city data sharing

Case study 3

Federated platforms for sharing suburban and rural data

Case study 4

Data sharing within a secure and trusted ecosystem

Case study 5

Data and analytics facility for national infrastructure

Case study 6

Integrated product design in the aerospace industry

Case study 7

Data sharing in the energy industry

Case study 8

Data services for sectors where weather has an impact

Case study 9

A facility for sharing sensitive health data

Case study 10

A data platform for the city of Milton Keynes