Towards trusted data sharing: guidance and case studies


The project was overseen by a working group:

Professor Jim Norton FREng, Chair of the working group

Professor Mandy Chessell CBE FREng, IBM

Professor Mark Girolami, Alan Turing Institute

Professor Aija Leiponen, Cornell University

Alastair McMahon, O2 Data and Insights

Hetan Shah, Royal Statistical Society

Dr Mike Short CBE FREng, Department for International Trade

Dr Liane Smith FREng, Larkton Ltd

Dr Jeni Tennison OBE, Open Data Institute

Professor Jeremy Watson CBE FREng, University College London

Steve Yianni FREng, TWI and AIRTO

with support from the following staff:

Dr Philippa Westbury, Royal Academy of Engineering

Dr Alexandra Smyth, Royal Academy of Engineering

Dr Alan Walker, Royal Academy of Engineering

The Academy would like to thank the following individuals who were interviewed as part of the case study research:

Dr Hamed Haddadi, Imperial College London (Databox)

Professor Chris Taylor OBE FREng, Carmel Dickinson and Dr John Rigby, University of Manchester (CityVerve Manchester)

Nick Chrissos, Cisco (CityVerve Manchester)

Tim Gammons, Arup (oneTRANSPORT)

Professor Dr Boris Otto, Fraunhofer Institute for Software and Systems Engineering (Industrial Data Space)

Professor Jim Hall FREng, University of Oxford (Data and Analytics Facility for National Infrastructure)

Martin Aston, Airbus (Advanced Product Concept Analysis Environment)

Ashley Pocock, EDF (Smart meters)

Dan Wolfson, IBM (The Weather Company)

Katie Wilde, University of Aberdeen (Grampian Data Safe Haven)

Professor Enrico Motta, Open University (MK:Smart)

The Academy would like to thank the following reviewers:

Ruth Boumphrey, Lloyd’s Register Foundation

Alastair Cook, Critical Insight Security Ltd

Professor Jon Crowcroft FREng FRS, University of Cambridge and Alan Turing Institute

Professor David Hand FBA, Imperial College London

Professor John Loughhead CB OBE FREng, Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy

Paul Martynenko, British Computer Society

We would also like to thank:

Dr Pantelis Koutroumpis and Dr Llewellyn Thomas, Imperial College London and Gordon Blunt, Gordon Blunt Analytics for their contributions to the project